Early win, loss predictions for the Atlanta Falcons 2024 schedule

Predicting whether the Atlanta Falcons will win or loss during their 2024 season.
Atlanta Falcons OTA Offseason Workout
Atlanta Falcons OTA Offseason Workout / Kevin C. Cox/GettyImages
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This Atlanta Falcons team is much better, no one can deny that. Simply adding a quarterback takes them from being a fringe contender to a team that should make the playoffs and make a deep run in the playoffs.

The early part of their schedule is quite brutal. The team must weather the storm if things do not go great early on. Once they get past the early stretch, they have some favorable matchups to make their push to the playoffs.

We are going to do a week-by-week win, loss prediction for the Falcons' 2024 schedule.

Week 1: Pittsburgh Steelers @ Atlanta Falcons

I am not going to lie, this game scares me. Not because I think the Steelers will be a powerhouse in 2024, but rather the extra motivation Pittsburgh will have to beat their offensive coordinator's old team.

This feels like one of those games where Arthur Smith will somehow put up 40 points and then fail to reach 20 for the rest of the year.

With that being said, the Falcons overcome the revenge factor and get the win.

Prediction: Win (1-0)

Week 2: Atlanta Falcons @ Philadelphia Eagles

If the Falcons were hosting the Eagles in this game, I might be more optimistic. Traveling to Philly as a team that could take a few weeks to establish chemistry is not a fun thought. The offense will have to be flawless if they want to beat a team that will be looking to run the ball down their throat.

Prediction: Loss (1-1)