ESPN claims the Atlanta Falcons had one of the worst offseasons

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As they always say, you cannot please everyone, and the Atlanta Falcons are proof of that. The Falcons have had a busy offseason where they have transformed their defense in free agency and then bolstered their offense in the first two rounds of the draft, nevertheless, they still have critics.

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Bill Barnwell of ESPN released his rankings of each team's offseason and the Atlanta Falcons were somehow ranked near the bottom.

ESPN says the Atlanta Falcons have had the seventh-worst offseason

ESPN, or more specifically, Bill Barnwell, claims that only six teams in the NFL have had a worse offseason than the Atlanta Falcons. He ranked them 26th in his power rankings of each team's offseason.

How? I don't know. You would be hard-pressed to find 25 teams that have improved their team more than the Falcons have over the past three months.

It is funny though because he even admits that the team looks to be much improved, especially their defense. What he didn't like was their short-term look approach in free agency. He claims that they only added one player who is in his prime in free agency—that being Jessie Bates.

I don't know about that one. Sure, some of their additions were players who are in their 30s, but they signed contracts according to their age. It was a relatively weak free agency class and you have to field a team at the very least. You cannot take that extra money to Vegas.

It would be disrespectful to the team to not spend that money, just ask Oakland A's fans. Thinking about it that shallowly is even disrespectful because this is a talented team that believes they can make waves in the NFL, much less in what is a weak division.

Overall, I just don't know how you can honestly say that over three-fourths of the league has had a better offseason than the Atlanta Falcons. Agree to disagree, I guess...

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