ESPN suggests absolutely insane Dak Prescott-Falcons trade, but could it work?

Jeff Saturday had quite the idea.

NFC Wild Card Playoffs - Green Bay Packers v Dallas Cowboys
NFC Wild Card Playoffs - Green Bay Packers v Dallas Cowboys / Richard Rodriguez/GettyImages

For as long as the Cowboys exist, there will be TV segments devoted to yelling about them. Even as Championship Weekend arrives, and the country gets ready for Lions-49ers and Chiefs-Ravens, there are still TV segments yelling about the Cowboys. Case in point? On Wednesday, ESPN's Jeff Saturday went on Get Up to talk about all the drama surrounding Dallas, and managed to somehow create a take – with more than a little help from host Mike Greenberg – that was even more dramatic than anything they talked about.

"The Atlanta Falcons," Saturday answered, when asked where Prescott should demand a trade to. "Today. Go in there with the papers today. Let's get this thing fast-forwarded. You've got plenty of talent, you've got, hopefully, Bill Belichick as the coach. Somebody's going to be there to make this and turn this around. They play good on defense, they have weapons on offense, and you're talking about a guy who's going to walk in and command that type of energy. And you're in the NFC South ... "

It's certainly an idea! According to OverTheCap, Prescott's cap hit for next season will be close to $60 million (!), and then the final two years of his deal void; he also has language in his contract that forbids the Cowboys from using the franchise tag on him. So, basically, the Cowboys owe him a big ol' contract, and soon. If they think that a medium-to-hard reset is coming, maybe Dallas looks at Prescott, who will turn 31 this summer, as slightly more expendable than he was two or three years ago.

In that scenario, a trade wouldn't seem that out of the ordinary. But then there's also the fact that Prescott has been the best Cowboys QB in, like, a generation, and giving up an a franchise QB in the middle of his prime because of monetary concerns when you're the Dallas Cowboys is probably more of a self-own than anything else. It's not like they'd be able to move to Trey Lance and not miss a beat. But hey, if the Cowboys really want to trade Dak Prescott, the Falcons would say thank you very much and greet him at the Atlanta airport with a fresh contract extension and a choice of pens to sign it with.


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