Even after disastrous week 3, Falcons are in a perfect position

If the Atlanta Falcons can forget about their disastrous showing against the Detroit Lions then they can still find themselves in perfect position moving forward

Atlanta Falcons v Detroit Lions
Atlanta Falcons v Detroit Lions / Mike Mulholland/GettyImages

Clearly, you want to win every week in the NFL. With only 17 games during the regular season, every game can feel like a Super Bowl victory or the end of the world.

On Sunday, the Falcons felt the latter as they got trounced by the Detroit Lions. However, saying the season is over or the Falcons are the same ole Falcons would be extremely nearsighted considering they have still set themselves up in a great situation moving forward.

The Atlanta Falcons should be happy with where they are at after week 3

Let's knock some sense into the fanbase. Yes, the Atlanta Falcons looked terrible against the Lions. Yes, many players had woefully bad performances. But, despite that, the Atlanta Falcons should be happy with where they are at this early in the season.

The Falcons opened up the season by putting a beating on the Carolina Panther in the fourth quarter and then followed it up by beating momentum in the fourth and making a comeback on the Green Bay Packers. Those were two good wins to start the year, not every game is going to go your way.

Week three was disappointing, that can't be ignored but the fact of the matter is that the Falcons are still in a better position than a lot of teams out there. They have a winning record and are still atop the NFC South (pending Tampa Bay's game tonight).

The other factor; the Falcons have a very favorable schedule. Starting with Sunday when they will be taking on a Jaguars team that has not looked good in the first parts of the season.

I mean seriously, look at the schedule before the bye week.

  • vs. Jaguars (London)
  • vs. Texans
  • vs. Commanders
  • @ Buccaneers
  • @ Titans
  • vs. Vikings
  • vs. Cardinals

These are all teams the Falcons can beat, no doubt about it. Honestly, I don't think any of those teams can perform like the Lions just did (*knock on wood*)

As I just mentioned, the Jags haven't looked good, the Texans just blew out the Jags but still have deficiencies, the Commanders have been surprising but just got wrecked, the Buccaneers are still an unknown, the Titans have not been good, the Vikings have been severely disappointing, and the Cardinals, despite some so-so performances over the past two games, are lacking talent.

While you still have to show up each and every week, the Falcons are in a good position. They don't play any overpowering teams and only two of their next seven games will be in true hostile environments.