Explaining why the Atlanta Falcons continue to ignore lack of receiver depth

Aug 18, 2023; Atlanta, Georgia, USA; Atlanta Falcons wide receiver Drake London (5) catches a pass
Aug 18, 2023; Atlanta, Georgia, USA; Atlanta Falcons wide receiver Drake London (5) catches a pass / Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

The Atlanta Falcons have continued to ignore the receiver position with only Drake London and Mack Hollins looking to be consistently capable targets at the position. Scotty Miller has struggled and the rest of Atlanta's depth pieces at the position haven't put together a strong enough camp or preseason to believe they will be capable of being the third option.

Despite the frustration of Atlanta's lack of depth at the position considering Arthur Smith's strategy it isn't surprising Atlanta hasn't added to the position.

From his first season as a head coach Arthur Smith has made it clear that he highly values players that can contribute in more than one role. Typical positions in the Arthur Smith offense when it comes to playmakers aren't viewed as they are by most head coaches.

Smith is heading into this season fully believing that he has a great receiver depth chart in Cordarrelle Patterson, Kyle Pitts, Jonnu Smith, Bijan Robinson, Drake London, and Mack Hollins. These are viewed as the primary targets, not the typical way a receiver depth chart is viewed. These are the players that Arthur Smith wants to have the most chances to influence the game.

Atlanta views this positionless offense as a deep unit that has great primary receivers not concerned about the traditional depth charts.

While there is truth in this system and we have seen it work well under Arthur Smith there have also been clear issues at times with Atlanta's lack of depth at receiver. This hurt Matt Ryan in his final season with the veteran attempting to throw to undersized and undertalented targets.

Despite their views on the offense the Falcons should still be expected to improve the depth at the position through the waiver wire or a late free agency move. Scotty Miller struggling should add a bit of urgency for the team even though they clearly aren't concerned with adding traditional depth to the position.