Falcons: 3 Packages to trade up in 2023 draft & the target

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Falcons trade up three spots with the Seahawks

This time, the Atlanta Falcons are worried about both the Las Vegas Raiders and Detroit Lions taking their player, so they choose to make an offer to the Seahawks for the pick that was originally part of the compensation for Russell Wilson

The selection:

. 44. player. . OLB. Alabama. Will Anderson Jr.. 5

I can see this going one of two ways, quarterbacks, of course, go one and two, and then either the Cardinals take Tyree Wilson, Jalen Carter, or whoever, followed by the Colts taking a quarterback, or the Cardinals trade out with a quarterback-needy team followed by the Colts taking the fourth QB, putting the Falcons in position to pick whoever they want—assuming this trade happens.

Option two, would be the perfect scenario. I would prefer them to take an outside pass rusher over anything because it is just a massive need. Could that be Will Anderson or Tyree Wilson? Here we go with the "safer" pick—whatever that means.