Falcons 7-Round Mock Draft: One QB, two trades, Three front-seven players

With 19 days left to go until the 2024 NFL Draft, rumors are swirling about the Atlanta Falcons potential draft strategies. For now, here is a mock draft that involves not one, not two, but three trades.
2021 NFL Draft
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The Falcons go to the trenches in round 6

Jaden Crumedy. . Jaden Crumedy. DT | Mississippi State. . Falcons pick Jaden Crumedy. player. 530. . 6.187

6.197. player. . OT | Wyoming. . 510. Frank Crum. Falcons draft Frank Crum. . Frank Crum

Closing out the draft, the Falcons choose to get trench depth. Betting on athleticism at the back-end of the draft, the two Falcons sixth-rounders Jaden Crumedy (8.79) and Frank Crum (9.83) each have solid RAS testing numbers.

Moving back in round one and giving up Richie Grant, the Falcons move up in rounds two and four, add another fifth-round pick, and pick up a second-round pick for next year. By doing so, the Falcons secure a top-tier CB2, a duo of edge rushers to add to the stable, a proper WR2, and a developmental quarterback. The Falcons also add depth on both sides of the trenches and a tight end to fill out the roster.