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Fit with Falcons

I am in love with the thought of Anthony Richardson in the Atlanta Falcons' offense. He fits perfectly with his physical running and cannon of an arm.

Arthur Smith has made it a priority to bring a physical running game to Atlanta. His backfield is led by Cordarrelle Patterson, Tyler Allgeier, and Caleb Huntley, three of the most physical players in the NFL. Add a 240-pound quarterback who ran a forty-yard dash that was only .01 second slower than Cordarrelle Patterson, and that is a scary thought for opponents.

The Falcons also have everything in place to bring him along slowly. They have Desmond Ridder who can start for now or if he were to start right away, they have a running game and playbook that can ease the transition for AR.

There is also solid proof that Arthur Smith can reinvent a quarterback from his time with Ryan Tannehill. I believe that he can turn Richardson into one of the top players in the league. If there is a perfect landing spot for Richardson, it is with the Falcons. In fact, both sides are perfect fits for each other

Fit: A+


I do not anticipate seeing him in Atlanta, and I don't think you should either. After C.J. Stroud and Bryce Young come off the board (likely in the first two picks) then teams will start seriously considering Anthony Richardson. Teams like the Colts or Raiders could select him or there could be a team that trades up for him—specifically, I would watch out for the Titans.

And then there is justified belief in Desmond Ridder. While Ridder doesn't have AR's upside, he has everything it takes to take the Atlanta Falcons the distance. Even if he is available at eight, I don't envision him being the selection.

Interest meter: 6/10

Availability: 20% chance


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