Falcons Draft Profile Calijah Kancey: Strengths, weaknesses, highlights, prediction

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Fit with Falcons:

Calijah Kancey isn't the greatest fit for the Atlanta Falcons. While he has a lot of talent, I don't know that there is a clear spot for him on the depth chart since they already have Grady Jarrett and Ta'Quon Graham, and all the new additions

If we assume the Falcons still primarily run a 3-4 defense, Kancey becomes even less of a fit. He isn't going to be a nose guard and so that leaves two spots on the defensive line that will be primarily filled by the veterans and Graham. Put him in a 4-3 defense and he can play end and tackle. He is going to fit best into a one-gap scheme.

With that being said, Nielsen will probably run a hybrid defense and adjust based on situation and matchups, which means Kancey shouldn't be completely ruled out.

Fit: C+


Some team will likely take a chance on him in the first round. While his frame is a concern, his talent is undeniable. He isn't going to go top ten and maybe not even top 20. I, personally, wouldn't select him in the top 20 but would consider him at the end of the first round.

Needless to say, barring a trade down by the Atlanta Falcons, there shouldn't be much consideration with their top-ten pick. He will almost undoubtedly be available at eight but there will be better players on the board.

Interest meter: 2/10

Available? 99% chance

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