Falcons Draft Profile Nolan Smith: Strengths, weaknesses, prediction

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Fit with Falcons:

While the Atlanta Falcons' addition of Bud Dupree makes this a little bit murkier, I don't think it will affect much. Nolan Smith hasn't reached his ceiling and if he gets there then he could be great.

The defense that Ryan Nielsen helped coach in New Orleans routinely had rushers in two-point stances, so there is a place for him on the defense. He would be a good addition to a defense that has basically set up a lawn chair for the opposing quarterback to sit in every play for years now. Nolan can be that lightning they have been looking for.

Fit: A-


Predicting the outcome for Nolan Smith in the NFL is kind of a double-edged sword. You see the athleticism and potential but you also see the lack of size and production. Those are four things the NFL values, so which side do you go with?

For the Atlanta Falcons who hold the eighth-overall pick, that becomes even more dangerous because this is a top-ten pick that you must use on a player you are fully confident in. There has been a lot of talk about them selecting Smith at eight but I am on the fence about that and I guarantee they are too. If you can trade down a few spots then be my guest, go ahead and take him. However, where we sit now, I have reservations about saying he is definitely going to be considered with the eighth pick. I can see things going either way, but I have an easier time believing they might not be fully comfortable with Nolan with that high of a pick—I will probably eat my words though.

Interest meter: 6/10

Available? 90% chance

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