Falcons Draft Profile Tyree Wilson: Strengths, weaknesses, prediction

Kansas v Texas Tech
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Strengths and weaknesses


There are some football players who just look bigger than everyone else, like Tyree Wilson. I would be scared to death to see him (or, I guess, any NFL DL) lined up across from me. His size on the field is just different.

Then there is his athletic ability which is stunning for a guy his size. He has a quick first step and then can bend right around the corner. Wilson also showed some versatility at Texas Tech by being aligned up and down the defensive line, both as a standup rusher and with his hand on the ground. They even sent him out in coverage occasionally but I think anyone would rather have him rushing the passer.

Tyree Wilson has brute strength that will translate to the NFL. Outside of his game against Oklahoma, he showed excellent balance in different situations. In addition to that, he has superb range when tackling and can make some chaotic sacks and tackles.


The first negative that sticks out about Tyree Wilson is that he doesn't always use his length. Listen, his length is his biggest asset but he allowed too many offensive linemen to get ahold of his body. He often just used his body to get to the quarterback, which will not cut it in the NFL.

On that same note, Oklahoma was able to double-team him to death, and outside of one sack (which was his only tackle), he was a non-factor. There is a caveat to this, the game was back in 2021, so he has definitely had more time to refine his craft. In addition to that, you can also say that getting double-teamed is a huge compliment.

And finally, he will need to learn how to keep his eyes up off the snap. Too often I watched him go into his pass rush despite the offense handing the ball off. It wouldn't be hard to imagine him becoming irrelevant against an offense like Arthur Smith's, for example, if he isn't able to fix that part of his game.


Tyree Wilson deserves to be a top-five pick, top ten at the very least. He is a freak that has shades of Myles Garrett, albeit, Garrett was much better all-around coming out of Texas A&M. The ceiling is extremely high with Tyree Wilson if he can refine a few parts of his game.

Biggest strength: Upside

Biggest weakness: Not using length

Grade: A