Falcons' draft record extends to never-to-be-broken territory

The Atlanta Falcons did something last year that had never been done in NFL history and now they have put it in the never-to-be-done-again realm.
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Last year, after the Atlanta Falcons took running back Bijan Robinson I went back in history to see if the Falcons had been the first team to draft a tight end, wide receiver, and running back in the top ten in back-to-back-to-back years—spoiler alert: they were the first ones.

Little did any of us know, they would soon hit the offensive quadruple by adding a quarterback to that list. The selection of Michael Penix Jr. means they have drafted each skill position in the top ten in four straight drafts.

This means that they just set a mark that we will never see matched ever again—something I can say confidently.

Falcons add to their first-round, top-ten streak of taking skill players

After a fourth-overall pick in 2021 and three straight eighth-overall picks from 2022-2024, the Atlanta Falcons can stake claim to something that no team has ever done or will ever do—selecting a tight end, wide receiver, running back, and quarterback with top-ten picks in four straight drafts.

It was impressive when they held the mark after taking Bijan Robinson and it has become even more impressive after shocking the NFL by taking Michael Penix Jr. last week.

When you consider how rare it is to have a top-ten pick at the tight end and running back positions, and the fact that you have to be a bottom-ten team in four consecutive seasons, I think we can say that this will never be done again.

I also don't think any team wants to stake claim to this because it means they have been bad for a long time but, as Atlanta Falcons fans, we take records wherever we can get them.

Hopefully, the Falcons will finally be able to mesh their offensive weapons together in 2024. While each of the first three have had their moments, the previous coaching staff was never able to create a fluid plan for how to use them.

As lame as it is to have top-ten picks four straight years, it is hard not to get excited about how these guys will develop together under Zac Robinson. We will just have to wait a few years for Penix to take the field.


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