Falcons: Examining whether each offensive position has improved or declined since 2022

Going through each offensive position for the Atlanta Falcons to see if they have improved or declined since last season
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2022 vs. 2023: Whether each offensive position has improved or declined for the Atlanta Falcons

There is no doubt that the Atlanta Falcons have improved as a team this offseason, we all know it but what about each position? That is what we are going to look at here, starting with the offensive side of the ball.

Obviously, this is all a projection with a bit of opinion. There will be players who regress and players who progress. We just don't know what the next handful of months hold for us.

Let's get started by going over the fullback position (just for technicalities) which looks awfully similar to last year. We are just going to list the players who appeared on the 53-man roster or notable practice squad players last season.

Atlanta Falcons 2022 vs. 2023: Fullback



Keith Smith

Keith Smith

Again, technicalities... I know there is really no need to review this position but for some reason, my brain doesn't allow me to skip over it, so here we are.

Rather surprisingly, Keith Smith was brought back for another season with the Atlanta Falcons after another no-nonsense season by him. He is a veteran who is likely to be the same player that he has been over the past couple of seasons. Atlanta is in the exact same spot at fullback.

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