Falcons: Examining whether each offensive position has improved or declined since 2022

Going through each offensive position for the Atlanta Falcons to see if they have improved or declined since last season

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Atlanta Falcons 2022 vs. 2023: Running backs



Damien Williams

Bijan Robinson

Tyler Allgeier

Tyler Allgeier

Cordarrelle Patterson

Cordarrelle Patterson

Avery Williams

Avery Williams (injured)

Caleb Huntley

Caleb Huntley (injured)

Clint Ratkovich

Carlos Washington

The answer to this position is pretty clear to anyone. The Atlanta Falcons have the same group of running backs that they did last year, plus a generational talent in Bijan Robinson.

The only issue here is that Avery Williams is done for the season with a torn ACL and Caleb Huntley is recovering from a torn achilles which happened late in the 2022 season, so we do not know what his status is.

Injuries or not, the Falcons have a rising star in Tyler Allgeier, a do-it-all RB in Cordarrelle Patterson, and an all-world talent in Bijan Robinson. The verdict here is clear.

Verdict: Improved