Falcons: Examining whether each offensive position has improved or declined since 2022

Going through each offensive position for the Atlanta Falcons to see if they have improved or declined since last season
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Atlanta Falcons 2022 vs. 2023: Quarterbacks



Desmond Ridder

Desmond Ridder

Marcus Mariota

Taylor Heinicke

Logan Woodside

Logan Woodside

Desmond Ridder will be going into his first full season as the Atlanta Falcons starting quarterback after it took way too long for him to make his first start as a rookie.

The Falcons were finished with Marcus Mariota (rightfully so) and he moved on to the Eagles. Atlanta brought in Taylor Heinicke to be the backup for Ridder. This debate is essentially Marcus Mariota vs. Taylor Heinicke.

Mariota was bad, like really bad, and while Heinicke wasn't great last year, at least he can complete a couple of deep passes. I also like knowing that Ridder will be starting from game one and having a full offseason to prepare.

Verdict: Improved

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