Falcons: 1 fringe player to watch at each defensive position during training camp, preseason

The one player at each defensive position that you should be keeping an eye on during Atlanta Falcons training camp and preseason
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The one player you should keep an eye on at each defensive position for the Atlanta Falcons

We recently went through each offensive position for the Atlanta Falcons and identified one player that you should have your eye on during training camp and preseason. Naturally, the same should be done for the defense.


Training camp is in full swing and we have already heard reports about who has struggled and who has stuck out. People have already buried the players they want to bury and praised the players that they wanted to praise.

The thing is, there is a lot of practice to go until we get to the real thing. In fact, the other day marked 40 days until the start of the regular season. We still have to get through training camp and preseason which means that players still have plenty of time to make their name known.

There are going to be spots available for some fringe players to make the roster. Players like Dee Alford and Nate Landman were able to make names for themselves last season which resulted in their phone's not ringing come the day final roster cuts are due.

Here is one player at each defensive position to keep an eye on prior to final cuts.