Falcons: 1 fringe player to watch at each defensive position during training camp, preseason

The one player at each defensive position that you should be keeping an eye on during Atlanta Falcons training camp and preseason
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Keep an eye on LB Mike Jones Jr. for the Atlanta Falcons

The Atlanta Falcons, following the 2023 NFL Draft, targeted very few undrafted free agents and this was one of them. Instantly, I thought that this signing could end up being a huge steal for the team.

Mike Jones Jr. played five years at the college level, three with Clemson and two with LSU. His skill set is one that mirrors Kaden Elliss' as he is able to lineup as an off-ball linebacker or he can rush the passer on passing downs.

If you look at his snaps by position during his college career, his stats are scattered everywhere. While he didn't have great production, his promise is enough for the Falcons to keep him around, especially if he makes a few plays during the preseason.