Falcons: 1 fringe player to watch at each defensive position during training camp, preseason

The one player at each defensive position that you should be keeping an eye on during Atlanta Falcons training camp and preseason
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Keep an eye on S Clifford Chattman for the Atlanta Falcons

Want to hear something crazy? Clifford Chattman is a rookie for the Atlanta Falcons at the age of 26 and was a freshman in college in 2016!

He started out at Texas A&M in 2016 and then was out of football for a couple of years due to an academic issue and an ankle injury. He returned to Texas A&M in 2019 before transferring to UTSA.

All of that adversity and wisdom might play to his advantage when it comes to making the Atlanta Falcons' final 53-man roster. Something else that certainly helps is being six-foot-five. That brings a lot of intrigue to his game as he can use that length to make plays on the ball.

While he doesn't have blazing speed, he still has respectable speed with his 4.56 forty time. For comparison sakes, Jessie Bates ran a 4.5 forty and he has done well in the pros.

As a senior at UTSA last year, Chattman was a tackle and interception machine. He took down 72 ball carriers and picked off five passes with 78 return yards. Not to mention, he made even more plays on the ball as he defended 13 passes.

Clifford Chattman has a big body, had good stats as a senior, and has a lot of experience for a rookie; he is certainly a player you should be watching closely.