Falcons have massive connection to impending free agent WR Tee Higgins

The exact reason that brought Jessie Bates to the Atlanta Falcons could be the reason that impending free agent wide receiver Tee Higgins potentially signs with the team in 2024
Baltimore Ravens v Cincinnati Bengals
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The Atlanta Falcons could be in the market for another Cincinnati Bengals player in 2024. Their stud wide receiver Tee Higgins seems to be on his way out of the building and into the free agent market where big money will be waiting.

However, the connection between Jessie Bates, Tee Higgins, and the Cincinnati Bengals is not what the huge connection is—the huge connection is one that already makes the Falcons look like frontrunners for the elite wide receiver.

Tee Higgins' agent has numerous connections to the Atlanta Falcons

Tee Higgins is reportedly not in the Cincinnati Bengals' future plans. If this is true then Higgins will be searching for a new team in about six months from now and if I were to make early predictions for who his next team will likely be, it would 100% be the Atlanta Falcons.

This isn't wishful thinking either, there is reason to believe that the Falcons will end up with Tee Higgins.

Think back to the early part of 2023; there was a picture that surfaced of Jessie Bates (who was about to the open market), Kyle Pitts, A.J. Terrell, Casey Hayward, and agent David Mulugheta who represents those four players.

David Mulugheta also represents Tee Higgins which is why the Falcons could be a top suitor for the receiver.

Terry Fontenot clearly has a relationship built up with the prominent agent. He has negotiated with him in the past when bringing in Casey Hayward and Jessie Bates, and he will certainly negotiate with him even more when trying to extend Kyle Pitts and A.J. Terrell.

In the early parts of the year, we basically knew that the Falcons would sign Bates because of the shared agent. Bates even mentioned later on that it had a lot to do with him signing with the Falcons.

Now, not only will the Falcons have an advantage due to the relationship with the agent, but they have Higgins' former teammate with Bates.


And the two cherries on top are that Higgins is the type of receiver this team wants and he grew up in Tennessee and played at Clemson, so he would be much closer to home than he is right now.

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