Falcons keep finding new ways to mess up... and win games

The Atlanta Falcons are not going to have the word 'pretty' attached to their name but they are still in first place in the NFC South
Atlanta Falcons v Tampa Bay Buccaneers
Atlanta Falcons v Tampa Bay Buccaneers / Kevin Sabitus/GettyImages

Tell me if you have heard this before: The Atlanta Falcons somehow won a game despite making numerous mistakes on offense.

It has become a chronic issue but who can complain when you win? Winning games like these always somehow feel more gratifying but they are also not ideal for sustained success.

Falcons must clean up mistakes to have sustained success

It is an obvious statement: The Atlanta Falcons need to stop shooting themselves in the foot. They are continually making mistakes in big moments and it is concerning. The defense deserves the credit for the team having a winning record (and Younghoe Koo).

Last week, it was three interceptions that ruined the Falcons' hope of winning. This week, it was three critical fumbles that almost cost them a win. These things cannot continue to happen. It has felt like a new flurry of mistakes each week.

Desmond Ridder hasn't been to blame for all of the six turnovers over the past two games, but throwing an ugly interception in the endzone last week and fumbling while you are prancing in for what should be an easy touchdown is simply unacceptable.

If he didn't throw that interception vs. Washington, who knows how that game would turn out. And, of course, if he had held the ball in his left arm on Sunday, he would have scored and the game wouldn't have been as nerve-racking as it was.

You do have to give him some credit for weathering an ugly mistake and throwing an excellent pass to Kyle Pitts on the final drive.


Somehow the Falcons have found a way to win more than they have lost. In this division, that is a huge feat but if you continue to play like this, you will be lucky to hold onto this division.

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