Falcons: Maybe Arthur Smith should start playing fantasy football

Arthur Smith has made it clear that he doesn't coach for fantasy football managers but maybe that would help the Atlanta Falcons head coach
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There is not a worse relationship on this earth than Atlanta Falcons head coach Arthur Smith and fantasy football. Both sides absolutely hate each other.

The irony through all of this is that maybe all of the issues Arthur Smith has had with his playcalling could be fixed if he would just put away his pride and join a fantasy league. He might then realize that using your best players leads to the best results.

Fantasy football would fix Atlanta Falcons HC Arthur Smith's problems

Kyle Pitts was taken with the fourth-overall pick in Arthur Smith's first year. Drake London was drafted with the eighth pick in Smith's second year. And Bijan Robinson was drafted with the eighth pick in Smith's third year. Yet, it appears like Arthur Smith is content handing or passing the ball to the players who should be the complements in the offense.

Kyle Pitts has not been the same since his first season, mostly thanks to a lack of usage. Drake London has proven to be great but disappears for long stretches. And now we have watched Bijan Robinson go from the focal point of this offense to an afterthought.

Meanwhile, Arthur Smith continues to rant about fantasy football despite it holding a lesson that Smith needs to learn. USE YOUR BEST PLAYERS!!!

Don't take Bijan out of the game in the redzone, don't use Kyle Pitts as a blocker, and use Drake London and Pitts as weapons in the endzone. Why not run a fade to London or Pitts? Why are we handing the ball to Jonnu Smith on the one-yard line?

Touchdowns are hard to come by in the NFL, especially if you don't plan on using your best players. This feels like the Julio Jones lack of usage in the endzone all over again, but much worse.

I think we have all had it with this. The Falcons scoring offense is horrendous despite having a head coach who was supposed to be a mastermind inside the red area. Things have to change right now!

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