Falcons must add star player prior to Tuesday's trade deadline

The Atlanta Falcons are in a strange spot when it comes to buying or holding prior to the trade deadline but due to the state of the division, they need to add at least one player.
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We are already nearing the NFL trade deadline. Tuesday evening will mark the time when teams are no longer allowed to acquire players via trade. This should be something Terry Fontenot and the Atlanta Falcons monitor closely.

The Falcons have set themselves up in a good position as they currently lead the weak NFC South. This team must be aggressive and pursue a solid player on the trading block to make certain that they keep the lead in the division.

Falcons must trade for one star player to keep division lead

We do not know what is going to happen between now and Friday. Some players who are rumored to be on the trading block might end up staying put while others, who weren't viewed as trade pieces, could end up packing their bags.

The Atlanta Falcons are undoubtedly monitoring who is on the trading block.

The Falcons are a fringe team. They have an elite defense and an offense that has been moving the ball. However, they just cannot get into the endzone and continue to have turnover issues. If they can clean those two things up, and add another star player, then they should be a threat in an uncertain NFC.

The question is, who should they trade for? Here are some players who catch my eye:

  • Jerry Jeudy, WR, Broncos
  • Marquise Brown, WR, Cardinals
  • Montez Sweat, DE, Commanders
  • Chase Young, DE, Commanders
  • Carl Lawson, DE, Jets
  • Danielle Hunter, OLB, Vikings

Those are just a few names out of a dozen.

As you can see, the Falcons should be eyeing a wide receiver and/or a pass rusher. Those have been two weaknesses of this team this year which must be fixed prior to the deadline.

The Falcons already acquired WR Van Jefferson but adding someone like Jerry Jeudy could open things up for this offense. They currently lack a receiver who can create separation and Jeudy can do just that.


All in all, the Falcons should be making calls in an effort to acquire a star prior to the deadline. One player could be the difference between success and failure this year.

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