Falcons: PFF's highest-graded player, Chris Lindstrom, not a top-50 player, says PFF

Pro Football Focus handed Atlanta Falcons RG Chris Lindstrom their highest grade of 2023 yet they don't even think Lindstrom is a top-50 player in the NFL or that he is a top-five interior offensive lineman
Arizona Cardinals v Atlanta Falcons
Arizona Cardinals v Atlanta Falcons / Todd Kirkland/GettyImages

Chris Lindstrom, the Atlanta Falcons' stellar right guard, earned the highest grade of the 2022 season, no matter of position, in Pro Football Focus' grading system.

Yet, according to them, Lindstrom isn't even a top-50 player in the entire NFL. They also believe that there are ten, yes ten, offensive linemen who are better than their highest-graded player in the most recent season.

Despite being their highest-graded player, PFF believes there are, at least, 50 better players than Atlanta Falcons RG Chris Lindstrom

Pro Football Focus grades each NFL player based on how they perform on the field. The highest grade they handed out in 2022 was to Atlanta Falcons right guard Chris Lindstrom—not Patrick Mahomes, not Aaron Donald, not Travis Kelce, it was Chris Lindstrom.

Well, on Friday, Pro Football Focus released their "50 best players in the NFL right now" and who was missing? No, not Mahomes, not Donald, not Kelce, Chris Lindstrom was the name missing from the list despite garnering their top grade of the 2022 season.

Make it make sense.

Maybe you can argue that there are ten better players in the NFL based on sustained success. 20? Maybe. 30? No way. 50? Absolutely no way, no how.

Not to mention, there were ten, yes ten(!!!) offensive linemen on their top-50 list. 20% of the list was offensive linemen and nowhere to be found was their highest-graded player of 2023.

Here are the offensive linemen who made the list and where they ranked:

  • OT Trent Williams (3)
  • OT Lane Johnson (15)
  • OT Tristan Wirfs (26)
  • OT Andrew Thomas (32)
  • OG Zack Martin (34)
  • OT Laremy Tunsil (38)
  • OG Joel Bitonio (40)
  • C Jason Kelce (46)
  • OG Quenton Nelson (48)

Three offensive guards, four interior offensive linemen, and ten offensive linemen are on their top 50 but Chris Lindstrom isn't.

Now let's look at the overall grades of these ten players, plus the Falcons RG, in 2023:

  • Chris Lindstrom - 95
  • Trent Williams - 93
  • Lane Johnson - 83.2
  • Tristan Wirfs - 83.8
  • Andrew Thomas - 89.1
  • Zach Martin - 73.3
  • Laremy Tunsil - 80
  • Joel Bitonio - 87.5
  • Jason Kelce - 88.3
  • Quenton Nelson - 68.4

Isn't 95 a higher number than 93 or 83.2 or 83.8? What am I missing here?

Let's take Andrew Thomas who has had one, maybe two good seasons while Chris Lindstrom has had two good seasons and one great season. No matter how you look at it it makes no sense.

There is nothing else to say...