Falcons sign notorious ex-Packers cornerback after two-year hiatus

The Atlanta Falcons have added to their secondary by signing a cornerback making a comeback after an infamous tenure with the Green Bay Packers.
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The NFL is a place where your career can be judged off of one bad play.

For the Green Bay Packers, one of those players is cornerback Kevin King who gave up a big play in the playoff a few years ago. Following his tenure with the Packers, King struggled with injuries and had to take a two-year hiatus but he is now making a comeback with the Atlanta Falcons.

The Atlanta Falcons have signed Kevin King to help bolster their secondary.

King was a second-round pick by the Packers in 2017. He played for the Washington Huskies where he was coached directly by new Falcons defensive coordinator Jimmy Lake.

As for the notorious play that ruined King's name for Packers fans, that happened during the 2020 NFL Playoffs in the NFC Championship game. The Packers just had to play prevent defense with a few seconds left in the first half and Kevin King allowed Scotty Miller to run right past him for a touchdown catch.

Miller spent time with the Falcons last season and while he has track speed, allowing someone to pass you that easily with eight seconds left is not acceptable.

The Packers went on to lose 31-26 so those six points were the difference between making the Super Bowl and watching your opponent hold up the Lombardi trophy.

King would go on to play one more season with Green Bay before he took a year off to get himself healthy after some tough injuries throughout his career. Ironically, and sadly, he went on to tear his Achilles while working out last May.

Along with having familiarity with DC Jimmy Lake, the new Falcons cornerback was coached by Jerry Gray in Green Bay.

We will have to see how healthy and up to speed he is. Considering his talent and experience, he should be a good bet to make the final roster as a depth piece.

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