Falcons: Top 10 OC candidates if Bill Belichick is hired

The five most likely offensive coordinators to be hired if the Atlanta Falcons hire Bill Belichick

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8. Brian Angelichio - Vikings TE coach & passing game coordinator

These next two candidates are based on Bill Belichick's connection to Vikings head coach Kevin O'Connell. O'Connell was a third-round pick by Bill Belichick and the Patriots in 2008. That could spark a connection to these two coaches.

The Vikings have had a lot of success with their passing game and you have to figure that Brian Angelichio has played a part in that. Passing game coordinators are always great candidates to be promoted to an offensive coordinator position.

7. Keenan McCardell - Vikings WR coach

Former NFL Pro Bowler Keenan McCardell has been a strong coach for the Vikings and there has been some buzz surrounding him being hired as an offensive coordinator of another team. Belichick has always liked bringing in former players to coach his team and McCardell could be the next.