Falcons: Top 10 OC candidates if Bill Belichick is hired

The five most likely offensive coordinators to be hired if the Atlanta Falcons hire Bill Belichick

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2. George Godsey - Ravens TE coach

George Godsey has experience all over the NFL in all sorts of positions. He got his start in the NFL with the Patriots in 2011 as an offensive assistant and then spent two seasons as their tight ends coach.

Godsey then spent time as the QB coach and OC of the Texans, defensive assistant and QB coach of the Lions, TE coach and co-offensive coordinator of the Dolphins, and is now the TE coach of the Ravens. That experience is worth something and Belichick should consider reuniting with the coach who happened to graduate from Georgia Tech.

1. Josh McDaniels - Ex-Raiders HC

There is a pretty large gap between Josh McDaniels and the rest of the candidates on this list. McDaniels and Belichick have so many years of experience and success together.

Sure, his tenure as the head coach of the Raiders was a disaster but being a head coach and being an offensive coordinator are two completely different things. McDaniels could bring a lot of success to a Falcons offense that needs it.

Just think about what McDaniels could do with Kyle Pitts. He has a great history of coaching successful tight ends.

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