Falcons: Twitter reacts to Arthur Smith's pathetic coaching and playcalling

The Atlanta Falcons had another inexcusable loss that lands on the shoulders of Arthur Smith and Twitter has been running wild
Atlanta Falcons Training Camp
Atlanta Falcons Training Camp / Edward M. Pio Roda/GettyImages

I am going to open by saying this: I could keep embedding tweets into this article forever but then this would never load, so I had to hold back.

And let me just say that it is hard to hold back because Arthur Smith continues to drive this team into the ground. The fans have noticed just how bad this has been and how things must change or else nothing is going to improve.

Twitter reacts to embarrassing Falcons loss thanks to poor performance by HC Arthur Smith

Somehow losing in week nine felt like losing five games all at once. The Atlanta Falcons laid an egg. More specifically, Arthur Smith laid an egg... again... and he is out of excuses for his poor showings.

Twitter has run wild in their criticism of the third-year head coach and it is all 100% justified. He has made so many head-scratching play calls and decisions that have proven to be so costly.

Honestly, there are so many avenues that you can go down after that dreadful loss that it is impossible to sort through everything with any resemblance of organization. So, here is a jumbled mess of the jumbled mess Arthur Smith has led.

Even the former Falcons QB cannot help but join in on chaos

This is a great point. Smith has spent way too much time getting sharp with reporters. It makes it twice as bad when he has proven nothing over the years.

Arthur Smith has seriously lacked situational awareness since he was hired in 2021.

And this is way too good to leave out:

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