Falcons: The ultimate 'what could have been' lineup on defense

If the Atlanta Falcons had a crystal ball and could make every perfect decision, here is what their lineup on defense and special teams would look like
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The perfect decision lineup for the Atlanta Falcons defense and special teams

This will be a continuation of what the Atlanta Falcons would look like if they made every correct decision. We already went through the offense and so now we will touch on the defense and special teams.

This will include some signings and changes to draft picks over the past number of years.

Let's not stall anymore and get to it. Special teams will be covered first and then we will get to the defense, starting with the defensive line and working out way back. Also worth noting that I included some depth in here so it is more than just 11 guys.

Atlanta Falcons' perfect decision lineup: Special teams

K: Younghoe Koo
P: A.J. Cole (via 2019 UDFA signing - later re-signed)
LS: Liam McCullough

  • Cole signed w/ Raiders

There isn't much to unpack here. Younghoe Koo is as good as they come and there is no need to overthink long snapper. Josh Harris might have been a better pick but his contract is more expensive.

A.J. Cole is actually an exciting addition. He is one of the best in the NFL; he can simply kick the ball hard and accurately.