Falcons: The ultimate 'what could have been' lineup on defense

If the Atlanta Falcons had a crystal ball and could make every perfect decision, here is what their lineup on defense and special teams would look like
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Atlanta Falcons' perfect decision lineup: Cornerbacks

CB: A.J. Terrell
CB: D.J. Reed (via 2022 free agency)
CB: La'Jarius Sneed (via 2020 draft, pick 134)

  • Reed signed w/ Jets
  • Pick 134 used on Jaylinn Hawkins

You cannot go wrong with A.J. Terrell. The Atlanta Falcons may have initially been criticized for their selection of Terrell but it turned out that Terrell would be the only good first-round defender in that draft.

As for the two other corners, they are both under-the-radar players. D.J. Reed has a decent contract with the Jets and has proven to be worth it.

Jaylinn Hawkins wasn't a bad pick, much like with Pitts, this just comes down to how the cookie crumbles. La'Jarius Sneed gives the Falcons a solid third corner.