Falcons: The ultimate 'what could have been' lineup on offense

This is what the Atlanta Falcons starting lineup on offense could have looked like if they had made every correct decision through the years
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Atlanta Falcons' perfect decision lineup: Interior offensive line

LG: Trey Smith (via 2021 draft, pick 226)
C: Creed Humphrey (via 2021 draft, pick 40)
RG: Chris Lindstrom

  • Pick 226 used on Frank Darby
  • Pick 40 used on Richie Grant

The Chiefs retooled their offensive line in one draft class by taking both Trey Smith and Creed Humphrey in 2021. It would be great to have those two outstanding players on the Atlanta Falcons right now.

Everyone loves Frank Darby but Smith has clearly been the better player. As for Richie Grant, he has been a solid player who is only going to get better, nevertheless, Creed Humphrey has been a top-three center ever since he entered the league.

There is no better choice at right guard than Chris Lindstrom and it didn't require any change.