Falcons: The ultimate 'what could have been' lineup on offense

This is what the Atlanta Falcons starting lineup on offense could have looked like if they had made every correct decision through the years
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Atlanta Falcons' perfect decision lineup: Tight end

TE1: George Kittle (via 2017 draft, pick 136 - later re-signed)
TE2: Evan Engram (via 2022 free agency)

  • Pick 136 used on Sean Harlowe
  • Engram signed w/ Jaguars

George Kittle leads the tight end position as a do-it-all player. He can run routes, catch passes, make big plays with the ball in his hands, and block (just ask Ricardo Allen). Obviously, his contract would have expired a couple of years ago, so it is assumed that the Atlanta Falcons would have been able to re-sign him.

Evan Engram had a breakout year with his second NFL team. He proved to be the player the Giants thought they were getting when they took him in the first round. Engram did only sign a one-year prove-it contract with Jacksonville but in a perfect world like the one we are in right now, the Falcons were able to sign him for a reasonable price for a few years.

Obviously, there is no Kyle Pitts which has nothing to do with thinking he was the wrong pick. It is just how the roster played out and you won't see who replaced him until the next edition.