Falcons waive WR Frank Darby, but this likely won't be the end

The Atlanta Falcons have waived injured wide receiver and fan-favorite Frank Darby. However, you shouldn't be too worried since he could be back with the Falcons in a couple of days.
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Since being drafted in the sixth round of the 2021 NFL Draft by the Atlanta Falcons, wide receiver Frank Darby has been a fan favorite. While he has only caught two passes during the regular season, Darby has made a name for himself due to his rambunctious personality.

Darby was unfortunately injured during Friday's preseason game in Miami and it has been characterized as a 'soft tissue' injury. This development has resulted in the Atlanta Falcons waiving the third-year player. However, don't be too disappointed as it is more likely than not that he will be back on the team within a couple of days.

Frank Darby will likely be right back in Atlanta following the Falcons decision to waive him

With a lack of proven depth at wide receiver for the Falcons, it seemed like Frank Darby was finally going to get a steady dose of snaps in meaningful action but an injury has just derailed that plan.

The Falcons have decided to waive Frank Darby on Monday.

While that may not sound good (because it really isn't), there is still reason to have hope for Darby. If he clears waivers tomorrow then the Falcons can bring him back, but they would have to outright him to season-ending IR—akin to what was done with Feleipe Franks.

I would expect him to clear waivers, considering injured depth players are not the most popular assets for teams, and be put on season-ending injured reserve.

This obviously means we won't see Frank Darby on the field for the Falcons. It is strange that a soft tissue injury would end his season but it is clearly a severe one that will take a long time to heal.

Arthur Smith has mentioned how good Darby has looked this offseason so we can make a strong assumption that they are not done with him.