Falcons were smart to take Patriots owner Robert Kraft's advice on Belichick

News came out that the owner of the Patriots, Robert Kraft, told Arthur Blank to look away from Bill Belichick and the Falcons were smart to take his advice.
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It appears there was a bitter end to the Bill Belichick era in New England. After many Super Bowls, Bill Belichick's team took a nosedive and it resulted in his dismissal following the 2023 season.

Belichick proceeded to look for a new team to coach this offseason and Arthur Blank and the Atlanta Falcons were the only team to show any interest in hiring him. After two interviews, it was a done deal that Belichick would be coaching the team he beat in Super Bowl LI—until it wasn't.

Recent details have leaked as to why the Falcons passed on a future Hall of Fame coach and it has to do with Patriots owner Robert Kraft who employed Belichick for over two decades. According to ESPN, Kraft contacted his friend, Arthur Blank, to warn him of Belichick and that he is someone "you'll never have a warm conversation with."

Arthur Blank and the Falcons were smart to heed Robert Kraft's advice

As we all know, Blank has made it a goal of his to bring in guys who the players are going to love. It is no surprise that he went a different direction, especially since his staff voted against the hiring.

While Belichick is a great coach, he isn't a great coach for Arthur Blank and the Atlanta Falcons. He isn't the right coach for the city or the team.

Belichick is the type of head coach who you need if you don't have much experience in the building, especially a team with a new owner. Take a team like the Commanders, for example, they would have benefitted from someone like Belichick. They have a new owner, a new general manager, and a roster that is in flux—they are a better fit. He would bring a no-nonsense approach after an awful era under their previous owner.

Raheem Morris is the better fit for where the Falcons sit right now. After firing a coach who could be quite stubborn at times, Morris loosens everyone up a bit. He will have guys wanting to play for him rather than fearing him.

This is no slight at Belichick as a coach, he is the best, but rather that he isn't a good personality and stylistic fit for the Atlanta Falcons. We should be thankful for Robert Kraft's stern review of Belichick.