Fantasy Football: 4 Atlanta Falcons being undervalued in 2023

Tampa Bay Buccaneers v Atlanta Falcons
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3. Tyler Allgeier, RB, Atlanta Falcons Fantasy Ranking: 48 of 80 RBs

I really don't think people understand the Atlanta Falcons running back situation. Just because they drafted Bijan Robinson doesn't mean Tyler Allgeier becomes irrelevant. I am saying it now: Allgeier could be a steal for your fantasy team.

Last year, Arthur Smith led an offense that had four players with more than 70 carries. Sure, one of them was a quarterback but it still shows that there are more than enough carries to go around for everyone.

Bijan will also play wide receiver a lot, so who do you think will be the running back? Either Cordarrelle Patterson, who might also play a lot of wide receiver, or Tyler Allgeier. In my opinion, Allgeier is still a top-32 running back in fantasy—at the very least.

Tyler will be asked to carry the rock a lot, especially in the red zone. Those ranking him that low seriously do not understand the dynamics of the Atlanta Falcons' running back position. This is a 1,000-yard rusher, there is no way he will be an afterthought in 2023, even with Bijan Robinson.