Final 2024 Atlanta Falcons Mock Draft without trades

The final predictions for the Atlanta Falcons 2024 NFL draft selections address needs with players who could end up being the best player available at their spots.
2023 SEC Championship - Georgia v Alabama
2023 SEC Championship - Georgia v Alabama / Kevin C. Cox/GettyImages


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Round 1, No. 8 overall: EDGE Dallas Turner, Alabama

2023: 14 Games Played, 53 Tackles, 14.5 Tackles for Loss, 10.0 Sacks, 13 QB Hurries, 2 Fumbles Forced, 1 Pass Deflection
2022: 13 Games Played, 37 Tackles, 8.0 Tackles for Loss, 4.0 Sacks, 9 QB Hurries, 1 Fumble Recovered, 1 Defensive Touchdown
2021: 15 Games Played, 30 Tackles, 10.0 Tackles for Loss, 8.5 Sacks, 5 QB Hurries

The Atlanta Falcons haven't had a great pass rush since the John Abraham days, and they need a top-level pass rusher to help bring their group to the highest level. Considering they have some talented potential complementary rushers like Arnold Ebiketie, Lorenzo Carter and DeAngelo Malone returning from last year's roster. They're also adding James Smith-Williams from the Commanders to the 2024 group. Adding the best pass rusher they can in the first round makes the most sense, especially if it's an edge defending player that can also play some coverage.

Dallas Turner is a top five talent in any other draft, but with three quarterbacks going in the first few picks this year, the Falcons should be able to take the best edge defender at No. 8. Turner has exceptional athleticism and led the SEC in sacks during the 2023 season. He has improved his technique during his time in Tuscaloosa, but he needs to continue improving on it moving forward. Turner was also extremely efficient in coverage for a player his size and plays the run well. Off the field, Turner was a captain and could turn into a captain for the Falcons defense.

Round 2, No. 43 overall: CB Ennis Rakestraw, Missouri

2023: 9 Games Played, 35 Tackles, 1.5 Tackles for Loss, 1 Fumble Forced, 4 Pass Deflections
2022: 13 Games Played, 34 Tackles, 3.5 Tackles for Loss, 1 QB Hurry, 1 Interception, 2 Fumbles Forced, 12 Pass Deflections
2021: 4 Games Played, 13 Tackles, 1 QB Hurry, 2 Pass Deflections
2020: 10 Games Played, 24 Tackles, 2.0 Tackles for Loss, 1.0 Sack, 6 Pass Deflections

The Falcons current cornerback situation isn't horrible with A.J. Terrell, Clark Phillips and Dee Alford as their top three cornerbacks on the roster. However, adding some competition to the spot would be a really smart thing for the team to do. Adding someone to the mix that can play equally well in zone and man concepts would be ideal for the new schemes under head coach Raheem Morris. The Falcons new coaches tend to like corners with longer arms and enough top speed to keep up with at least average NFL No. 2 wide receivers.

Ennis Rakestraw has 32-inch arms and would fit in really well with the schemes that new defensive coordinator Jimmy Lake likes to run. He's highly intelligent in coverage and understands the funnel to the middle concepts that will be used by Morris and Lake. The Falcons will love his understanding of zone and man concepts, and his ability to do both well proficiently. Rakestraw's biggest issues are that he can be a bit grabby at times and doesn't have elite deep speed. But outside of that, he'd be a massive upgrade to the cornerback group.

Round 3, No.74 overall: DL Ruke Orhorhoro, Clemson

2023: 13 Games Played, 25 Tackles, 8.0 Tackles for Loss, 5.0 Sacks, 3 QB Hurries, 1 Pass Deflection
2022: 13 Games Played, 23 Tackles, 8.0 Tackles for Loss, 4.0 Sacks, 2 QB Hurries, 5 Pass Deflections
2021: 13 Games Played, 36 Tackles, 8.0 Tackles for Loss, 2.5 Sacks, 3 Pass Deflections
2020: 4 Games Played, 1 QB Hurry
2019: 10 Games Played, 4 Tackles, 1.5 Tackles for Loss, 0.5 Sack

While the Falcons defensive line looks relatively set in 2024 at starters, they could use some additions for the future. Grady Jarrett and David Onyemata are both extremely good players but are over 30 years old, and Ta'Quon Graham, Kentavious Street and LaCale London are all in the final year of their contracts. The only truly long-term guy on the roster at this point is Zach Harrison, and Harrison is likely playing the 5-technique defensive end role in the new defense. So adding someone for depth and rotation in 2024 and starting for the long-term is absolutely imperative.

Ruke Orhorhoro is an exceptional athlete at the position and should fit in well with the Onyemata and Jarrett pairing in the defensive line rotation. Orhorhoro has a fantastic frame that will allow him to add some weight while he's in the NFL so that he can compete as either a 1-technique nose in the defense or a 3-technique under tackle. His biggest strength is his ability to get off the line quick and impact the pockets quickly, but he's also still very raw as a football player and is relatively inexperienced compared to the rest of the interior defensive linemen in the draft.

Round 3, No. 79 overall: WR Javon Baker, Central Florida

2023: 13 Games Played, 52 Catches, 1,139 Yards, 7 Touchdowns, 1 Tackle
2022: 14 Games Played, 56 Catches, 796 Yards, 5 Touchdowns, 1 Tackle
Transferred from Alabama to Central Florida between the 2021 and 2022 season
2021: 13 Games Played, 7 Catches, 101 Yards, 1 Touchdown
2020: 7 Games Played, 2 Catches, 15 Yards

NFL wide receiver rooms should look like an NBA team. The Falcons already have a center with Drake London as well as a small forward with KhaDarel Hodge. Their point guard and shooting guard are the new acquisitions of Darnell Mooney and Rondale Moore. There is a hole at the bigger No. 2/outside No. 3 that allows Mooney to slide to the slot role who still has some speed to burn a defense at times. That's the kind of role they should be looking to fill in the draft with someone who has a fit in the new offense that offensive coordinator Zac Robinson is going to run in Atlanta.

Sometimes, a transfer is the best thing for a player. In Javon Baker's case, it was absolutely the best case for him. He was buried on an Alabama depth chart and knew he could lead a team as their No. 1 wide receiver. He did that for Central Florida. In the NFL, though, he's not going to be a No. 1. However, the Falcons could fall in love with how he plays the game as an efficient separator who is reliable with his hands. However, he needs to keep focus through the play and should get more physical to use his larger frame to his advantage boxing guys out.

Round 4, No. 109 overall: OT Matt Goncalves, Pittsburgh

2023: 3 Games Started at left tackle, 77.3 PFF Pass Block Grade, 69.6 PFF Run Block Grade
2022: 13 Games Started at left tackle and right tackle, 76.2 PFF Pass Block Grade, 67.2 PFF Run Block Grade
2021: 13 Games Played at left tackle and right tackle, 5 Games Started at right tackle, 66.9 PFF Pass Block Grade, 59.7 PFF Run Block Grade
2020: 7 Games Played at left guard, left tackle and right tackle, 3 Games Started at left tackle, 71.4 PFF Pass Block Grade, 72.2 PFF Run Block Grade
2019: Redshirted

The Atlanta Falcons could use an upgrade at swing tackle with potential to have that guy start at right tackle as early as 2025. Kaleb McGary is in a contract that is easy to get out of after the 2024 season, and Jake Matthews is nearing retirement. Adding someone who can be an upgrade over Storm Norton, Tyler Vrabel, Ryan Swoboda, Barry Wesley and John Leglue would be a wise plan of action by general manager Terry Fontenot and head coach Raheem Morris. Ideally, they would bring in someone with experience at both tackle spots and history playing both well in college.

That's exactly what they do here with Matt Goncalves. Goncalves played four years at Pittsburgh and showed he was at least competent as a pass blocker with NFL ready skills. He has had some injuries through his career at Pittsburgh, but he could use the 2024 season to be fully healthy while still filling in as a swing tackle when needed. Having him as a depth piece would greatly improve the offense should something happen to either McGary or Matthews as they continue to age and be ready to replace one of them whenever they might leave the Falcons.

Round 5, No. 143 overall: LB Marist Liufau, Notre Dame

2023: 12 Games Played, 44 Tackles, 6.0 Tackles for Loss, 3.0 Sacks, 2 QB Hurries, 1 Fumble Forced
2022: 13 Games Played, 51 Tackles, 4.5 Tackles for Loss, 0.5 Sack, 3 QB Hurries, 1 Interception, 1 Pass Deflection
2021: Missed 2021 season due to injury, Redshirted
2020: 10 Games Played, 22 Tackles, 1.5 Tackles for Loss, 0.5 Sack, 1 QB Hurry
2019: 4 Games Played

The Falcons have little to no depth at linebacker after their top three players there in Nate Landman, Troy Andersen and Kaden Elliss. They could use someone who has experience playing multiple roles in the defense and has shown blitz ability. Marist Liufau is a solid run defender and blitzer from Notre Dame and would be very similar to Nate Landman in that he's not extremely athletic. He's a solid enough tackler, though and should provide some juice to the special teams unit.

Round 6, No. 187 overall: RB/WR/RS Isaac Guerendo, Louisville

2023: 14 Games Played, 132 Carries, 810 Yards, 11 Touchdowns, 22 Catches, 234 Yards, 11 Kick Returns, 211 Yards, 1 Tackle
Transferred from Wisconsin to Louisville between the 2022 and 2023 seasons
2022: 12 Games Played, 64 Carries, 385 Yards, 5 Touchdowns, 17 Catches, 115 Yards, 1 Touchdown, 19 Kick Returns, 443 Yards, 1 Tackle
2021: 4 Games Played, 23 Carries, 160 Yards, 1 Touchdown, 2 Catches, 6 Yards, 1 Tackle
2020: 1 Games Played, 11 Carries, 36 Yards
2019: 6 Games Played, 1 Carry, 1 Yard, Touchdowns, 1 Catch, 3 Yards, 1 Tackle
2018: Redshirted

After letting Cordarrelle Patterson leave in free agency during the offseason, the Falcons need to add some depth at running back and returner. With Isaac Guerendo, the Falcons would have a clone of Patterson and someone who could compete for the job at No. 3 running back and top kick returner with Avery Williams. Guerendo athletically compares to Ben Tate of Texans fame. Guerendo could be a dynamic, explosive option to have where the only focus is getting the ball in his hands and a clean lane to run to the end zone on big plays.

Round 6, No. 197 overall: S Dominique Hampton, Washington

2023: 15 Games Played, 109 Tackles, 2 Interceptions, 7 Pass Deflections, 1 Punt Return, 3 Yards
2022: 12 Games Played, 42 Tackles, 0.5 Tackles for Loss, 4 Pass Deflections, 1 Punt Return, 6 Yards
2021: 11 Games Played, 30 Tackles, 1 Fumble Forced, 2 Pass Deflections
2020: 4 Games Played, 1 Tackle
2019: 11 Games Played, 4 Tackles, 1 Pass Deflection
2018: 4 Games Played, 4 Tackles

The Falcons could use some more competition at safety and new defensive coordinator Jimmy Lake's old captain of his defense Dominique Hampton is sitting right here. Hampton would have to compete right away with Micah Abernathy for a roster spot, but could wind up having a starting role by the end of the season if he picks back up Lake's concepts quickly. Hampton is the most athletic safety in the draft, and at 6-foot-2 and 215 pounds, has some of the best size in the entire draft.

All advanced stats are courtesy Pro Football Focus or Football Outsiders. All traditional stats are courtesy of official team websites, NFLGSIS or CFB Stats. All RAS and athletic testing numbers are courtesy of and Kent Lee Platte's RAS Football website.