Former Atlanta Falcons head coach Arthur Smith finally has a capable quarterback

Atlanta Falcons Training Camp
Atlanta Falcons Training Camp / Edward M. Pio Roda/GettyImages

Former Atlanta Falcons head coach Arthur Smith now has his next quarterback with the Pittsburgh Steelers signing Russell Wilson. Wilson is signing a one-year prove-it deal in what is a great move for both sides. Wilson will join a tough division but clearly is an upgrade over Mason Rudolph or Kenny Pickett.

It will be the best quarterback and weapons that Arthur Smith has had since leaving the Titans to take Atlanta's head coaching job. As the current Pittsburgh OC he has far better weapons than he did in year one in Atlanta.

While many Atlanta fans are going to want to poke fun at Smith and expect failure this is a great fit for both sides. Arthur Smith couldn't handle being a head coach in this league with how he handled the quarterback position and media being the reasons at the top of the list.

However, this doesn't take away the fact he is a proven offensive coordinator with an impressive resume. His time with the Titans and how the offense looked after his departure shows what Smith is capable of. Now working under Mike Tomlin in Pittsburgh Smith will attempt to follow a similar path.

He is joining an offense that will focus on the run and now has their veteran quarterback that everyone has written off. We saw what he accomplished with Ryan Tannehill, is there a reasonable argument that Wilson isn't the better player?

If Smith can replicate what he did with Tannehill and the Titans the Steelers should finally be taken seriously. Despite being in a division with the Browns, Bengals, and Ravens this is a team Mike Tomlin always gets the most out of and now has reason to expect a capable offense.

Arthur Smith's time in Atlanta is gladly at an end with the coach clearly not being suited for the lead role. Despite this, there is reason to expect a bounceback season for the Steelers offense under a coordinator who has already proven capable of getting surprising results out of an average quarterback.