Former Atlanta Falcons quarterback continues searching for landing spot

Atlanta Falcons v Arizona Cardinals
Atlanta Falcons v Arizona Cardinals / Mike Christy/GettyImages

Arthur Smith brought in veteran quarterback Logan Woodside to be the Atlanta Falcons emergency option. With the NFL changing the rules now teams were able to carry a third quarterback on gameday without it counting as an active roster spot. However, the quarterback could only be used as an active player if the team dealt with injuries.

Woodside looked great in the preseason and appeared to be a solid depth that Arthur Smith was familiar with. Despite this, when the coaching changes were made it wasn't at all surprising to see both Logan Woodside and Desmond Ridder sent out the door.

The biggest surprise for the Falcons was keeping Taylor Heinicke when cutting the veteran quarterback would have saved $7 million in cap space. Desmond Ridder was traded to the Arizona Cardinals for Rondale Moore while Logan Woodside became a free agent.

Logan remains a free agent searching for his next landing spot. While it wouldn't be shocking to see Woodside remain in free agency until camp the veteran will have no trouble finding work. That is one great thing about the NFL changing rules over the past two years.

The changes to the quarterback spot and the kick-off rules are examples of moves that are going to bring more players into the league. Career special teamers and fringe backup quarterbacks like Woodside now have far more value.

While the amount of roster spots remains the same overall it extends the careers of players that otherwise would be out of the league. Logan Woodside was never really a contributing player for the Atlanta Falcons, however, his time with Atlanta was valuable.

Raheem Morris and Terry Fontenot wanted to clean house at the position and start fresh. Moving on from Ridder and Woodside allows you to sign Kirk Cousins and draft a project quarterback as well. The only head-scratching decision continues to be Taylor Heinicke remaining on the roster.