Former Atlanta Falcons quarterback continuing struggles in Philly

Marcus Mariota is clearly showing Eagles fans exactly why Atlanta cut the former starting quarterback
Aug 17, 2023; Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA; Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Marcus Mariota (8)
Aug 17, 2023; Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA; Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Marcus Mariota (8) / Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

It is fair to wonder if former Atlanta Falcons starter Marcus Mariota will be able to keep his backup job in Philly. Through two preseason games, it is clear that Mariota has been outplayed by the quarterback behind him and looks to have all of the same issues that caused the veteran to get benched by Arthur Smith last season.

If we are being objective it is a benching that should have happened far sooner and one that Mariota could have responded to far better. Leaving the team completely after getting benched was a questionable move from Marcus. You have a head coach and a team that has had your back through terrible play and still, you choose to walk away.

Mariota leaving Desmond Ridder and Arthur Smith after more than earning a spot on the bench didn't do anything to help his popularity among Atlanta fans. Mariota was quickly cut this off-season with one year left on his deal and was signed by the Eagles.

In both of the first two preseason games the Eagles have started Mariota and Marcus has shown the team exactly why Atlanta was so ready to move on. In this week's game, Mariota went 9/17 for 86 yards and an interception.

For those that watched the game you know that these numbers don't do justice for just how poorly the veteran has played. With wild overthrows to open receivers and making it tough to make catches on even shorter routes, the Eagles have reason to wonder if Mariota isn't their third option at the position.

Holding the ball far too long, failing to hit an open receiver, staring his targets down, and most memorably throwing a truly terrible interception hit the consistencies of Mariota's game this preseason. While one can point out that these are meaningless snaps it is important to remember that this is who Mariota was in Atlanta as well often with games on the line.

If anything the veteran quarterback looks worse than he did in Arthur Smith's offense and could be well on his way to losing his job if there isn't marked improvement in week three.