Former Atlanta Falcons set themself up for failure with pay day

Atlanta Falcons v Miami Dolphins
Atlanta Falcons v Miami Dolphins / Michael Reaves/GettyImages

Former Atlanta Falcons receiver cashed in during free agency signing a 4-year $92-million dollar deal with the Titans. Ridley gets $50-million guaranteed in this contract in what could be his final payday. Ridley will be thirty-three before this contract is up and it seems unlikely he will be able to cash in at this level again.

From this perspective, it was a wise choice for Ridley that takes care of himself and his family. A player should never be faulted for going after the most he can earn. Fans are far too often critical of players who are often underpaid during their best seasons by owners who make far more.

It is one of the few flaws in the sport, Ridley did what was best and should be commended for cashing in. However, from a football perspective, this is a bad fit for the former Falcon.

The Titans seem to love adding former-star receivers only to underutilize them. Right now the Titans are clearly in last place in their own division and counting on Will Levis.

Ridley is going to see his production and value dip teaming with a quarterback who isn't a franchise player. With that said, this is a four-year deal and one awful season could give Ridley the chance to play with next year's top prospect. This deal could still work out for the Titans and Ridley.

In the short term, however, this is a bad fit that sets up fans for disappointment and Ridley for failure. Calvin is a route running technician with an elite ability to lull the defense despite not having elite speed or physicality.

While this is an asset for any offense you need a quarterback capable of playing within the offense and making on-time throws. Levis is going to prove to be exactly what the Falcons saw this season.

When the off-schedule deep balls are hitting he can fool fans into believing he is a franchise option. When the deep ball isn't there, however, he is going to force throws and struggle to move the football playing out of rhythm.

Ridley should be commended for cashing in during free agency and taking care of himself and his family. While still understanding that from a football perspective this sets up both the Titans and Ridley for a tough 2024 season.