Former Atlanta Falcons star joins division rival

The Carolina Panthers are in for a rude awakening if they expect consistent production from Deion Jones
Dec 17, 2022; Cleveland, Ohio, USA; Baltimore Ravens quarterback Tyler Huntley (2) scrambles from
Dec 17, 2022; Cleveland, Ohio, USA; Baltimore Ravens quarterback Tyler Huntley (2) scrambles from / Ken Blaze-USA TODAY Sports

Former Atlanta Falcons linebacker Deion Jones finally found a landing spot this off-season signing with the Carolina Panthers early on in training camp. Jones left the Falcons a season ago spending one year with the Browns who quickly moved on after finding the same thing that Atlanta did over the last two seasons of Jones tenure with the team.

Deion Jones was a star player in the Atlanta defense making a number of memorable plays and covering sideline to sideline with surprising ease. The way that Jones played the position relied on speed and effort and an elite ability to find the football.

Deion was great for the Atlanta defense as well due to his ability in coverage. Jones helped drive Atlanta to the playoffs each of his first two seasons in what was the last respectable defense Atlanta has fielded over the last six seasons.

Things quickly changed, however, with Jones suddenly falling off a cliff missing routine tackles, and failing to make plays that were expected of him earlier in his career. Jones quickly became a shell of himself and Atlanta was forced to move on eating the contract to send Deion to the Browns.

Cleveland found the same results that Atlanta did with Jones quickly moving on from the linebacker. Deion sat in free agency until deep into the off-season finally signing with Atlanta's division rival the Carolina Panthers.

For Caro,lina this is a no-risk move that gives them a chance to find cheap production and one that gives Jones a chance to get revenge on his former team. However, the move clearly isn't going to work with Deion not being close to the player he still should be.

This move is about as noteworthy as New Orleans signing an ancient Jimmy Graham or the Falcons bringing in a 5th option at running back. The former Atlanta star isn't guaranteed a roster spot and clearly is nearing the end of his career unless something drastically changes this season.