Former Atlanta Falcons star remains a fit for Zac Robinson's offense

New Orleans Saints v Atlanta Falcons
New Orleans Saints v Atlanta Falcons / Kevin C. Cox/GettyImages

Forcing his way out of Atlanta has to be a decision that Julio Jones regrets at this stage of his career. Though considering the three years of Arthur Smith that we just endured perhaps it was still the right decision. No matter how the veteran now feels about announcing he was out of Atlanta on Undisputed and getting promptly traded to the Titans now is the perfect time to rebuild the bridge.

Since leaving Atlanta Jones has made stops with the Titans, Bucs, and Eagles. In each landing spot the production went down and the injuries continued. Without Matt Ryan force feeding him the football the veteran struggled to find a role.

Jones did have some great moments in garbage time in a blowout loss to the Cowboys in Tom Brady's final playoff game. However, the great moments in the last three years have been few and far between.

Coming to Atlanta isn't going to suddenly change this and rewind the clock for Jones. However, it remains the right decision for both sides. Despite how his exit was handled Jones was always a leader and the ultimate pro.

Carrying himself exactly as you want to see a franchise star represent the fans and organization. While Jones may no longer be the star he once was he still has value on the field and sideline. Jones can come in and be the 5th or 6th receiver on the field and looked to only in key spots.

Aside from this, you have the value of the veteran coming in and helping Kyle Pitts, Drake London, and Micheal Penix Jr. adjust and develop. Putting Jones in a player/coach role would benefit the team and give them the chance to find occasional surprise production at a weak position.

Bringing back Jones for a farewell tour as your team turns the page to the Raheem Morris era benefits both s