Former Falcons LB De'Vondre Campbell makes strange claim regarding exit from team

De'Vondre Campbell was drafted a developed by the Atlanta Falcons who eventually allowed him to leave a crowded room but he apparently doesn't see it that way
Carolina Panthers v Atlanta Falcons
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Twitter is interesting sometimes, especially when it comes to sports. Players often spend a lot of time on the social media platform which can get them caught up in arguments with fans, reporters, fellow players, or just about anyone. The best example of this was with the ever-so-entitled Michael Thomas back in 2020

Former Atlanta Falcons linebacker, De'Vondre Campbell, has found himself caught up in the arguments as he made some rather interesting statements regarding his departure from the team.

Current Packers LB De'Vondre Campbell says the Atlanta Falcons didn't understand how important he was

The Atlanta Falcons used a fourth-round pick in the 2016 NFL Draft on Minnesota LB De'Vondre Campbell. Campbell ended up being one of the many rookie defenders who played a part in the Falcons reaching the Super Bowl.

However, Campbell also played second-fiddle to star linebacker Deion Jones throughout his time in Atlanta. The Falcons ended up having to pay Jones which ultimately resulted in Campbell moving to the desert before playing with the team he currently plays for, the Packers.

Campbell, seven years later doesn't seem too happy about his exit from the team who drafted him as he made sure to let a Falcons fan know that they haven't made the playoffs since he left.

It is kind of ironic though because he has only played in one playoff game since he left the Falcons, so it isn't like he has a bunch of success to hang his hat on.

Then a fan turned around and said something that wasn't very accurate, so you know that Campbell had to respond.

And then here is the focus of this article.

The tagged player is former Falcons slot CB Brian Poole who left the team a year prior to Campbell.

He might be right about being a player who got his pants dirty but to say that he never got credit for it is wrong. Dan Quinn was always a big fan of Campbell and even Poole, I guarantee he got a lot of credit.

But really the focus of this is him saying that the Falcons have been chasing players like him ever since. That is certainly not true. Campbell wasn't a star for the Falcons while Deion Jones was. They had signed Jones to a $57 million contract the prior offseason, so there wasn't much money to go around, especially when you consider that Thomas Dimitroff was the general manager.

And then they also had Duke Riley who they were hoping would break out and a young Foye Oluokun who clearly had all the talent in the world.

To be brutally honest, Campbell was in fact replaceable at the time. Sure, he became an All-Pro linebacker in Green Bay but that was two years later. It never made any sense for them to bring back Campbell. The Cardinals ended up signing him to a one-year, $8.5 million deal, so it wasn't pocket change.

These were the cold hard facts in 2020 and that is what De'Vondre Campbell needs to realize. He was respected but at the end of the day, the NFL is a business and businesses have to move on from people who they like and respect.