Former Falcons QB Matt Ryan made his thoughts clear about the Indianapolis Colts

There was a lot of optimism when the Falcons traded Matt Ryan to the Indianapolis Colts last year. However, that optimism soon turned into disaster and even the unretired QB made that clear.

Houston Texans v Indianapolis Colts
Houston Texans v Indianapolis Colts / Justin Casterline/GettyImages

The Atlanta Falcons granted Matt Ryan his wish to be traded in 2022 and even allowed him to pick his destination. He ultimately chose the Indianapolis Colts who seemed destined to make a postseason push.

Ultimately though, Ryan was traded into a complete dumpster fire and had the worst year of his career. Recently, Matt Ryan gave a telling quote on what his time with the Colts was like.

Falcons legend Matt Ryan gives a telling quote about the Colts

Matt Ryan has always been the type of person to keep things professional. We never saw or heard him say one bad thing about anyone during his 14 seasons with the Atlanta Falcons, so when he speaks out about a dysfunctional situation, then you know it was bad.

During an interview with The Athletic, the unretired QB gave this telling quote:

"I mean, it was a sh-t show, you know, it was a sh-t show of 18 months basically is the best way to describe it. But I think everybody in our family handled it well and came out of it stronger and in a really good spot."

Matt Ryan via The Athletic

Have we ever heard Matt Ryan talk that way off the field? I don't recall him ever being that brutally honest.

His honesty is appreciated though, because it did look like a dumpster fire. His quote paints a bad picture for the Indianapolis Colts who essentially watched everyone on their roster regress in 2022.

You can hardly blame Matt Ryan for not playing well. He was playing behind what was likely the worst offensive line he had ever had (which is saying A LOT), the Colts' running game took a leave of absence, and his receivers (outside of Alec Pierce, really) were horrendous.

And the problem doesn't even start on the field, it starts with the rotted roots. Jim Irsay spends more time pissing off his own superstar running back on social media than anything. Not to mention, he fired a head coach who benched Matt Ryan and hired a head coach who had never been a head coach before—all because he loved watching him play years ago. And then Jeff Saturday started Ryan again only to bench him weeks later.

Matty Ice is right for saying that. He didn't magically become a bad quarterback, he just ended up on a team that was beyond awful. It will be interesting to see how Anthony Richardson does in the *insert Matt Ryan's description* that is the Indianapolis Colts.