Former Falcons WR Mohamed Sanu making lasting impact in Sierra Leone, Africa

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Mohamed Sanu was a staple of the Atlanta Falcons for many years. After signing as a free agent from the Cincinnati Bengals, Sanu helped kickstart a Falcons' offense that became one of the best in NFL history. He was simply a perfect piece to pair with Julio Jones at a perfect time.

He definitely occupies some of the best memories for Atlanta Falcons fans and left a lasting impression on every Dirty Bird fan. With that being said, as great of a football player as he is, he is an even better person as he continues to give back to the people of this world.

Former Falcons WR Mohamed Sanu is giving back to those in his native Sierra Leone, Africa

Mohamed Sanu may have been born in New Jersey, but he spent four years of his childhood in the capital of Sierra Leone—Freetown. Now, Sanu, along with his mother Aminata Koroma, and the non-profit charity organization 'Develop Africa,' have commenced construction on a new three-story community center that will help countless people.

While Mohamed Sanu is publicly known for his receiving skills—and his right arm that sports a 158.3 career passer rating (perfect rating by the way)—he says that football isn't "his purpose in life," instead it is to fulfill one of his "biggest responsibilities."

"It's inevitable that football is going to end one day. So, truth be told, football is not my purpose in life. It's a stepping stone to fulfill my purpose in life of being an agent of change and making a difference. This community center is one of the biggest responsibilities of my life. It will bring together people who inspire each other and they will stand as a testament to our long-term investment in the community. Beyond the bricks and mortar, the building will be transformed by the energy and passion of the people who visit — professionals, volunteers, staff and families."

Mohamed Sanu

Perfectly said Sanu! This is an immense project that will change the lives of so many people who don't have the things that we all take for granted.

"The average high school graduate in Sierra Leone has never had access to a computer or any sort of computer training. Having access to such technology and training will enrich their lives and help prepare them for relevance in our competitive information-based and technology-driven society."

Mohamed Sanu

Heck, I am sitting here typing away about this incredible thing Sanu is doing on the computer that I take for granted every day. Just imagine trying to go about your life without the phone you are reading on or the TV you watch the Falcons on—that is enough to make some people panic.

That is why what Mo Sanu is doing is so cool! Just think about how this will impact those in Sierra Leone. The other thing that is cool is that you can help out with this project by donating on their GoFundMe page, linked here.

Also, I just have to say that this isn't just your average community center, this is something spectacular. Here is what their website says:

"When complete, the community center’s first floor will include individual workspaces, allowing locals to have a place to run their businesses. The second floor will feature a large hall for community events such as school graduations, banquets, weddings, and various Develop Africa educational and leadership events. The third floor is the most important space in the center, highlighted by a state-of-the-art computer training center that will provide computer and leadership training for thousands of children, kids, and adults."

Credit to Mohamed Sanu, his mother Aminata, those at 'Develop Africa', and anyone else who is taking the time to help those in Africa. This one building is going to help so many deserving people succeed.

We also need to include this quote from the co-founder and President of 'Develop Africa', Sylvester Renner:

"The Develop Africa team deeply appreciates Mohamed and his mom’s tremendous commitment to making a difference and empowering the lives of the less privileged in Sierra Leone,” said Sylvester Renner, co-founder and President of Develop Africa. “We were delighted to discuss this opportunity, provide advice and now help bring this vision to reality. This center will strengthen self-reliance so that individuals and families can create positive change in their own lives."

Sylvester Renner

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