Former head coach explains the move Falcons should have made with No. 8 pick

He's certainly not alone here.
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No team has been talked about more since the NFL Draft ended than the Falcons. It's not that hard to understand why – taking Michael Penix 8th overall was probably the most surprising moment of the entire event, and the fallout from Atlanta's decision has already created a half-dozen or so different headlines.

It's also, predictably, been the one of the lead pieces of conversation on every sports morning show since Thursday night. That includes the Dan Patrick Show, where former head coach coach Rick Neuheisel stopped by to talk about all things NFL Draft. Neuheisel was asked about what the Falcons should have done at 8, and his answer was surprisingly in-line with what most Falcons fans are arguing.

Neuheisel explains the move Falcons should have made with No. 8 pick

"I think you had to give another weapon to Kirk Cousins," he said. "I mean, Rome Odunze was there, right? That would have been my pick. Rome Odunze. But I'm not going to second guess him. I think the quarterback position is so vital. And having played with what they believe is without one last year, here's a guy that they believe can have a great career in Michael Penix. You don't know how long you're going to have Cousins given his age and the fact that he went down with an Achilles last year. I understand the pick, I just wonder about how you divvied up the resources."

You and us both, Rick. You and us both. It's a very diplomatic answer, especially considering how, when you read between the lines, he's essentially saying that he's also super confused about the move. But once you're a head football coach, you can never really be that critical of other head football coaches ever again, so this feels par for the course. We'll always wonder what Rome Odunze's Falcons jersey would have looked like.