Full first-round 2024 mock draft: Trades shakeup the top ten

Full first-round mock draft in preparation for the 2024 NFL Draft.
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First-round mock draft: Picks 13-16

28. . . MIchael Penix Jr.. player. Washington. 13. QB. MIchael Penix Jr.. 13

Can you honestly believe the rumors that the Raiders are content with Aidan O'Connell and Gardner Minshew for their future? Michael Penix would give them a franchise-changing player. He would benefit from sitting for a year which makes the Minshew signing make more sense.

Dallas Turner. . . 14. 15. EDGE. Dallas Turner. 14. Alabama. player

The Saints are happy to see Dallas Turner fall to pick 14. They need all sorts of help, especially on the defensive line and Turner does just that. He has the potential to be great in the NFL.

15. Nate Wiggins. 15. Nate Wiggins. . Clemson. 46. player. . CB

If Nate Wiggins was bigger, he would be a top-ten pick. He is a shutdown corner who can be special in the NFL. He plays the position perfectly but will have to overcome his skinny frame.

16. DB. 16. player. . Cooper DeJean. . Iowa. Cooper DeJean. 36

Cooper DeJean is a physical defensive back. He played cornerback at Iowa but is a great candidate to move to safety. While this may seem high for DeJean, his versatility and physicality make him a good fit for the Seattle Seahawks.