Full recap of every move made by the Atlanta Falcons this offseason

This is a full recap of the following things pertaining to the Atlanta Falcons' offseason (TOC below):


-Free agent signings

-Trades and extensions

-Draft picks and their contracts, and UDFA signings

-Free agents Falcons let walk


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Every trade & extension the Atlanta Falcons have made this offseason

As you can probably guess, this will be the shortest section in this article as there have only been two trades and one extension made by the Atlanta Falcons. However, all three of these moves were pretty significant.

Here is the one extension and two trades the Falcons have made:

  • Acquired TE Jonnu Smith from Patriots for 2023 seventh-round pick
  • Acquired CB Jeff Okudah from Lions for 2023 fifth-round pick

The big move was the extension of Chris Lindstrom. Lindstrom is coming off of a dominant year and he will continue on as the leader of the five-man offensive line which made huge strides last year.

As for the two trades, you have to figure that the Falcons will get more out of those two players than their previous teams could. Jonnu Smith was very productive under Arthur Smith in Tennessee while Jeff Okudah was a third-overall pick a few years ago.

Click the link below to see a breakdown of what the Falcons gave up for those two players.