Full recap of every move made by the Atlanta Falcons this offseason

This is a full recap of the following things pertaining to the Atlanta Falcons' offseason (TOC below):


-Free agent signings

-Trades and extensions

-Draft picks and their contracts, and UDFA signings

-Free agents Falcons let walk


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Every player the Atlanta Falcons cut this offseason

The moves the Atlanta Falcons have made this season don't end with signings. The Falcons have released a lot of players and have had one player retire with another one seemingly coming with Eddie Goldman.

Here are the players the Falcons have released and where they have signed, and the player who has retired this offseason:

  • QB Marcus Mariota (Eagles)
  • QB Austin Aune (Unsigned)
  • RB Caleb Huntley - Injured
  • RB B.J. Baylor - Injured
  • WR Jared Bernhardt - Retired
  • WR Justin Marshall (Unsigned)
  • WR Ra'Shaun Henry (Browns)
  • WR Chris Blair - Injured
  • TE Feleipe Franks - Injured
  • TE John Raine (Unsigned)
  • OT Germain Ifedi (Lions)
  • DL Jalen Dalton (Unsigned)
  • DL Amani Bledsoe (Unsigned)
  • DL Ikenna Enechukwu - Injured
  • OLB Quinton Bell (Unsigned)
  • OLB David Anenih (Cardinals)
  • CB Casey Hayward (Unsigned)
  • CB Javelin Guidry (Jets)
  • CB John Reid (Unsigned)
  • CB Dylan Mabin (Unsigned)
  • CB Jamal Peters (Toronto Argonauts - CFL)
  • S Jovante Moffatt (Cardinals)

Falcons finally ended the Feleipe Franks experiment because he was injured. It wasn't a great tenure for Franks with the Falcons.


The release of Marcus Mariota was revered while losing Caleb Huntley and Jared Bernhardt was painful. And then the release of Germain Ifedi was strange considering he was re-signed this offseason.

By my count, the Falcons have made 77 moves this offseason (re-signings, signings, an extension, trades, draft picks, UDFA signings, and cuts). They also let 15 free agents walk.