Full results of the Calvin Ridley trade between Falcons and Jaguars

The Jacksonville Jaguars and Atlanta Falcons swapped picks for WR Calvin Ridley back in 2022 and here is what became of it all.
Atlanta Falcons v Jacksonville Jaguars
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In November of 2022, the Atlanta Falcons and Jacksonville Jaguars agreed to a trade that involved Calvin Ridley and two conditional draft picks.

It took a while for us to find out what the trade would ultimately look like when it was all said and done but after the 2024 NFL Draft we now know what each aspect of the trade turned into for both teams.

There were numerous conditions to both picks that the Falcons received for Ridley. The Falcons used the last remaining pick for Ridley in April's draft meaning everything is complete.

The conditions to the Calvin Ridley trade for the Falcons

The Falcons got back two picks, both of which were based on numerous conditions.

Since Ridley was suspended at the time, the first pick started as a sixth-rounder but after Ridley was reinstated in 2023, that pick became a fifth-rounder.

The other pick started with Ridley making the final 53-man roster this past season—which he did, securing the Falcons a fourth-rounder. He then had to hit either a snap-count milestone or reach 1,000 receiving yards—which would upgrade it to a third-rounder.

Then the last condition, which could turn it into a second-round pick, was Ridley signing an extension before he became a free agent. The Jaguars ended up waiting until he became a free agent, with the intention of signing, him to an extension but the Titans swooped in and stole him. The Falcons settled for a fifth and third-round pick.

How the Falcons utilized their picks for Calvin Ridley

The fifth-round draft pick was in the 2023 draft. The Falcons traded that pick for cornerback Jeff Okudah who played one year with the Falcons before signing with the Texans this offseason. The pick (No. 159) ultimately landed in the hands of the Packers who used it on WR Dontayvion Wicks.

The third-round pick (No. 79) was used as a main piece when the Falcons traded up to grab Ruke Orhorhoro in the second round. The pick went to the Cardinals who then traded back with the Colts who used the pick on Pitt OT Matt Goncalves.

Falcons received:

  • No. 159 in 2023: Used to trade for CB Jeff Okudah
  • No. 79 in 2024: Used to trade up for DL Ruke Orhorhoro

Jaguars received:

  • WR Calvin Ridley

The interesting part of this trade is that only one piece of the puzzle holds any value. Calvin Ridley and Jeff Okudah are both elsewhere and so the only thing that remains is the portion of what was used to trade up for Ruke Orhorhoro.

If Orhorhoro even becomes a decent player, the Falcons win this trade, if they haven't already.

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