Grading each of the Atlanta Falcons early wave of moves

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Handing out grades for the trade, extensions, and signings made by the Atlanta Falcons

There is probably only one team in the NFL that has been more active early in free agency than the Atlanta Falcons, and that, unsurprisingly, is the Chicago Bears.

The fun started off with a trade, a few extensions, and a few signings. Things aren't even close to being over but we will assign a grade to each of the moves the Falcons have pulled off here in March.

We will get started with the re-signings that Terry Fontenot has made since Monday afternoon.

Falcons re-sign FB Keith Smith for 1 year, $2.4 million

This one was surprising as most of us expected that the Falcons would elect to look elsewhere to find their fullback for 2023.

However, it is clear that they aren't confident with any players who are or who will be available this offseason, so they decided to bring back the veteran Keith Smith who is a solid blocker and a good special teamer.

It is hard to fault them if they didn't see any alternative options. Smith will be 31 in April so he isn't the long-term option but we know what we have for another year.

Grade: B